Friday, December 14, 2012

My 3 Wishes for today and for a while now..

The 3 things that I wish I could have are… today and for a while now I have been badly craving for these things to happen.


1.       I want to stay with my mother and sisters along with my pretty nieces for a longer time. I realize how important they are and how much I miss them only after I am married which means we live in different cities. And my life is so packed right now that I can’t go and stay with them for a few days. In those few days by the time my nieces start to realize who I am it’s time for me to get back to my routine life. Even a vacation would do well with them.

2.       I am just being a little selfless and selfish at the same time in this second wish. I want my husband to get what he wants out of his job this year so that if that works better I am assuming he would be able to come home faster or rather leave home a little late and take a few more offs than he does in a year.. Just so that we get to spend more time with each other. I badly want him to relax. This wish is totally based on my assumption that life will get easier after he gets what he wants out of his job this year.

3.       Get thin all by doing nothing …Eat, eat, eat ….and not get fat….Just like every other girl I wish this. I thank god for not making me really fat but I am on the plump side and I don’t like it and I am too short which eventually makes me look fat L …I try to work on it but It just gets tougher after a while.. I tend to give up every time I start. So I just wanting to be thin and also considering I love to eat. Let me eat peacefully without worrying that I will never be able to get fat with the entire calorie intake I do.