Thursday, October 3, 2013

When Navratra takes a toll on me

Being a avid lover of music and dance I enjoy this festival a lot. The sound of the dandiya..especially when they come along together then those beautiful moves of garbha where your hand and body swing to the music and  that beat of the drum…all together in big ground where everyone is just bothered about themselves and nothing else…they call it being “magn” in hindi.

I sometimes wish I was born in a gujju family to enjoy this festival extensively. I think it also comes with a fact that I love to dance…and moving the way garbha requires you to move is fun..totally brings a smile on my face.

If you play a loud dandiya or garbha track around will see my feet tapping and hands moving..coz I can’t stop. The music is exciting and attracting that you cannot let go of it.

By the way I write I am sure your thinking that I go do dandiya and garbha this time of every year but no… even though I whole like seriously WHOLE heartedly enjoy it but I don’t get to go. The music is so addictive for me that when I am travelling back from work..i think and feel the world around me doing garbha with this nice garbha music in the back it would be if I could join them on the way :P (my crazy filmy dreams I tell you )..if I get a chance I would go all decked up in gujrati clothing and dance all the 9 days…so now you know how I like it.

Some songs that can make your feet go tapping are..

·         Pari hun main

·         Chand aaya hai zamin par – Dil hi dil main

·         Shubhaarambh  - kai po che

·         Womaniya – with some drum beats of garbha

·         Main toh bhul chali babul ka desh

·         Sherawaliye..

Saavn has an exclusive playlist of these songs..i loved it…I just have one thing to say…

Let the Raas begin… (for me in my head for you if you can go hit the garbha & Dandiya ground from tomorrow)


Monday, September 30, 2013

Are you on someone’s priority list?

I have come across this really negative and low feeling where I have had some friends whom I have shared a really great relationship with. Those friends have been the ones whom I have looked up to at point of happiness or sad times and yes they have looked up to sharing the same with me too.

With such friends or likeminded people when you start being around them for long, we start to get comfortable and want to be around with them more because of a simple reason that it makes you happy.

But we realize over a period of time that may be you are not that particular person’s priority as you had thought it had been. Sudden changes start to hit you when this starts to happen. You get so used to the comfort level of the person that the absence of that person makes you feel lost and worried.

I have for some strange reason come across these typical type of people a little less than frequently. And trust me I hate it when someone does that. Do not treat anyone like your priority if you will not sustain the relationship for long. And it does not just happen in a couple relationships where there is marriage or love but it also happens between friends where the hurt is equivalent to that of couples.

I have set my priority people right…but I still come across those who make me feel like iam their priority and my heart gets compelled to give in…and then a time comes when your thought does not even strike them. It hurts!! Honestly it does. But then over a period of time you have to make yourself realize  that may be it was good that they went away for various reasons which could be

1.       Too many people in your priority list can get difficult to handle.No one gets the right attention and you become the cruel one even you dont want to.

2.       After they go you realize you wasted so much time on them instead you could use it on the others who deserved it better

3.       One definite reason is the ones who deserve your attention start getting it..even though they never complained  about it but tried ..tried to be there with you always.

So get your priority people right!! And yes don’t forget to tell them because expressing gratitude always brings happiness.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The ‘One Loving Person” who lasts forever

I consider people who have that one loving person in their life’s very lucky. No not all of us are lucky. You must want to say there is a difference of opinion... We might have that very person in our lifes.But they are either too far for us to reach when we really want them around or no one has really expressed that deep concern for you yet.

Everyone wants that one special person around them who loves them the most, who cares not 100% but 50% with heart and soul in it and not halfheartedly. These ‘one loving person’ type of people just make others life easy and help making the best use of their life’s and give the best memories even in the sad times.

‘One loving person’ makes sure even by being far leaves his presence around. This person would make sure to be around in your bad…and you’re good. Will make sure you don’t get those times that you hate yourself.. This person would make you fall in love with yourself…and not hate. Nothing stops them from getting up in the middle of the night even if you are 100 miles away to call and tell you that they just love you for what you are. These people believe you as the person who will do anything for them and will do the same for you in return.

They sense the sadness in their loved ones voice the quickest…and they know to get it out best…even better than your own parents or family can. They would make sure you know when you are remembered…even if it was a vegetable at a random place that reminded them of you….this person would know and help you deal with every other person you come across in your lifetime

They do it all. But what they do best is…let you know how much they love you for whatever kind of person you are… (Yes I write that in bold as this is that one quality that separates them from the aam janta we live with. These are treasured people. You will definitely not find them in abundance) and when they tell you that they will be there with you always…you will be convinced and trust me you know they wouldn’t lie. Because they have never proved you wrong or let you down in showing their love for you.

Some find this love in parents. In their siblings….their life partners…some in their kids too…

While some are really lucky to have all of them around...the others just have too many people around but not even one loving person among them.

Today for once just be glad to have that one person in your life that you think is the ‘one loving person’ of your life who would last forever…                                                                                                                     
Some lines by George carlin which describe the “one loving person”

1. Remembers, to say, 'I love you' to your partner and your loved ones, but most of all means it. An embrace will mend hurt when it comes from deep inside of you.

2. Remembers to hold hands and cherish the moment for someday that person will not be there again.

3. Give time to love, give time to speak! And give time to share the precious thoughts in your mind.