Thursday, October 3, 2013

When Navratra takes a toll on me

Being a avid lover of music and dance I enjoy this festival a lot. The sound of the dandiya..especially when they come along together then those beautiful moves of garbha where your hand and body swing to the music and  that beat of the drum…all together in big ground where everyone is just bothered about themselves and nothing else…they call it being “magn” in hindi.

I sometimes wish I was born in a gujju family to enjoy this festival extensively. I think it also comes with a fact that I love to dance…and moving the way garbha requires you to move is fun..totally brings a smile on my face.

If you play a loud dandiya or garbha track around will see my feet tapping and hands moving..coz I can’t stop. The music is exciting and attracting that you cannot let go of it.

By the way I write I am sure your thinking that I go do dandiya and garbha this time of every year but no… even though I whole like seriously WHOLE heartedly enjoy it but I don’t get to go. The music is so addictive for me that when I am travelling back from work..i think and feel the world around me doing garbha with this nice garbha music in the back it would be if I could join them on the way :P (my crazy filmy dreams I tell you )..if I get a chance I would go all decked up in gujrati clothing and dance all the 9 days…so now you know how I like it.

Some songs that can make your feet go tapping are..

·         Pari hun main

·         Chand aaya hai zamin par – Dil hi dil main

·         Shubhaarambh  - kai po che

·         Womaniya – with some drum beats of garbha

·         Main toh bhul chali babul ka desh

·         Sherawaliye..

Saavn has an exclusive playlist of these songs..i loved it…I just have one thing to say…

Let the Raas begin… (for me in my head for you if you can go hit the garbha & Dandiya ground from tomorrow)


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