Monday, June 18, 2012

Naya Ghar – Na-pasand…..

Just when we started liking the house we were staying in the owner asked us to vacate the house for his relatives (he couldn’t say a no coz their relative was dealing with cancer and the treatment takes too long a time…and we dint have a choice to say no)…so the search had begun for a perfect house to stay in….and the house we have moved in was chosen becoz of three reasons

1. Coz it is spacious and not compact as the others in this area

2. It makes PD’s travel to office convenient

3. Falls in our budget…yes its so important to have a house fall in the budget you want it to in Mumbai (the city of kharcha)

So we moved into this naya ghar on this Saturday….the first day went on with all unpacking and cleaning of the house….we realized the kitchen was extremely dirty and decided to call the house cleaners and they charged us 1100 just to do the cleaning of the kitchen..we couldn’t help it….we had to pay it considering the fact that we have to stay in this house for the next 5 months for sure….thats how the annoying contract is….so we cannot do anything about it…  …not to forget to mention PD has been at his best since this Saturday….he has been doing all he can….with this crazy woman who is so scared of rats…

We unpacked the kitchen stuff on Sunday and I cooked a happy meal for us and we slept happily assuming we are well settled In this house ….and will get up in the morning to start the good beginning of the new house on Monday….but no….that was not what was in store for us…we woke up to see the terror in the kitchen the rats had created…they had eaten the tomatoes and kheera…left on the fridge...ate the wheat flour packet into bits and pieces to get the damn taste of the flour…How ugly and yuck can these rats be.

We got one of the rats removed on Sunday night..and then we figured out there is another one…so got the rat killing poison and had it placed every where….another went out yesterday ….and no they are not going to let us live happily…we figured out at 3.00 AM in the morning that there is another one in the hall…in the broken switch board which we have packed tight so that It doesn’t come out…iam not very gutsy to remove it myself and PD has left for work already and due to lack of time he hasn’t been able to do so iam waiting for the broker to come and get it out…by noon…

I have a lot of reasons for not liking this house…if taken positively…they cannot be considered but thanks to this dreadful rat experience I don’t think I can like this house…and everything looks like a trouble to me…

Things I dislike in this naya ghar…

1. RATS – I hate animals…they beat the shit out of me….i wish I could sent them to jail for eating my house away…(nothing positive abt this one)

2. Dislike the door bell : it sings om bhur bhuvaswaha…It rings really low …( I should be liking it I know god is going to punish me for saying this but I cannot HELP disliking it)

3. Dirty walls: I hate the walls..the earlier residents did not keep the walls clean….they had too many kids who spoilt the walls… they make the house look ugly

4. Bed mattress : Its sssssoooo bad….the worst things in the house so far…we haven’t slept on it even once…

5. Smell : there is this typical smell In this house which is not leaving us to live happily…we’ve bought a room freshner..but the bad smell seems to beat the good smell.. 

6. Toilet : we are soon going to have the spray flash In the toilet its not there..we are using the mugga  ….indian system

Out of some good things in this house one is the windows…they are big…they make me want to keep them open all day long but I can’t unfortunately coz of the ugly irritating RATS….we have painting going on in our apartment …by which this irritating rats climb the bamboo sticks and come up and reside in our crazy house…

This house has been upsetting….it has just been so annoying to face something or the other every night and not have a good night’s sleep…

I miss the old house even though it had less of amenities and too much of dust…it was just perfect..and the society made me feel secure….in this area all I see is animals…dogs, rats, cats and what not… 

I want something good to happen to me and PD. Something we both can rejoice about n be happy. We are heading to manipal this weekend with my in-laws…(my first outing with my in-laws)…yes iam looking forward to it…also looking forward to seeing the memories PD shares with that place….

I hope manipals trip brings goodluck, wealth, happiness and the courage to our family to go thru all the bad times…for example the rat times  ….

Friday, June 1, 2012

Surprise your love today for what she is with you…

I have a hell lot of little ideas in my mind which I think men should do for their women… and let me tell you….some women just like the little things men do for them….i don’t think I want to comment on PD…cuz he is the worst of all men I have come across in giving anything for the matter of fact…I even suggest him to do a few things for me…but there is no hope in his case..….forget surprises….

These silly little tricks can make your women feel wanted….which is a right you being a man should give to your lady…and let me tell you…

These are basically for those men who are mstly held up at work for hours and hours…and your wifes wait for your focus, attention and LOVE after you come home…

Obviously these are surprises…and not the things you tell before you do..and don’t forget WOMEN LOVE SURPRISES

1. Get her a rose….oh ….dont forget a chocolate to accompany with it…

2. One day just ask her not to cook…and take her to a food joint she had been craving and raving about a few days back.

3. Write a sweet small letter or a note (don’t copy things from the internet- let it be original)

4. A small cake on a random day.. Saying I love you

5. Take her for an ice cream….late night

6. If she has been a big buff of movies…take her for a movie this weekend…and ask her if she would want to watch back to back movies and experience how it feels

7. Tell her how best she cooks something

8. Write just 4 to 5 lines saying - what I like about you : state 5 reasons…drop it on your bed before you leave to work.

9. One fine day a random materialistic present does wonders…women love gifts..

10. A final one…make sure you get home early on those special dates…. Anniversaries , birthdays etc….and make sure you don’t leave her alone…however bad it can get…if you miss out on it…give her the special feeling on the next day….or the same date of the next month to compensate….she will be surprised n will be delighted..

Remember that she deserves to be felt special…..coz shes the one who craves for your time, attention, focus and LOVE….as I said it before…Do it and let me know how she feels…you busy men….