Friday, June 1, 2012

Surprise your love today for what she is with you…

I have a hell lot of little ideas in my mind which I think men should do for their women… and let me tell you….some women just like the little things men do for them….i don’t think I want to comment on PD…cuz he is the worst of all men I have come across in giving anything for the matter of fact…I even suggest him to do a few things for me…but there is no hope in his case..….forget surprises….

These silly little tricks can make your women feel wanted….which is a right you being a man should give to your lady…and let me tell you…

These are basically for those men who are mstly held up at work for hours and hours…and your wifes wait for your focus, attention and LOVE after you come home…

Obviously these are surprises…and not the things you tell before you do..and don’t forget WOMEN LOVE SURPRISES

1. Get her a rose….oh ….dont forget a chocolate to accompany with it…

2. One day just ask her not to cook…and take her to a food joint she had been craving and raving about a few days back.

3. Write a sweet small letter or a note (don’t copy things from the internet- let it be original)

4. A small cake on a random day.. Saying I love you

5. Take her for an ice cream….late night

6. If she has been a big buff of movies…take her for a movie this weekend…and ask her if she would want to watch back to back movies and experience how it feels

7. Tell her how best she cooks something

8. Write just 4 to 5 lines saying - what I like about you : state 5 reasons…drop it on your bed before you leave to work.

9. One fine day a random materialistic present does wonders…women love gifts..

10. A final one…make sure you get home early on those special dates…. Anniversaries , birthdays etc….and make sure you don’t leave her alone…however bad it can get…if you miss out on it…give her the special feeling on the next day….or the same date of the next month to compensate….she will be surprised n will be delighted..

Remember that she deserves to be felt special…..coz shes the one who craves for your time, attention, focus and LOVE….as I said it before…Do it and let me know how she feels…you busy men….


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  2. Hey,

    Thats such cute stuff!As I read point by point I am reminded of Hollywood romantic comedies...I wish all men start following these points! Here's something I wrote similar u might like...