Wednesday, April 1, 2009

be mine forever....

When things are going wrong and life seems bad,
When everything goes crazy and you start to get mad.
When it seems you fail at everything you do,
Just remember someone loves you.
When time stands still and lifes a bore
Instead of seattling for less demand a bit more
When people change and you have no clue
Just remember someone loves you.
Even when you feel like you're just another face
and you've lost even before the race,
When your courage is low and intimidation is high
remember you're not the only one who is trying to get by.
When you think your strong but the world proves it's stronger
When you are about to quit hold on bit longer.
When you wonder how I make it through????
I sit and remember how much I love you ...

ok before you start thinking or comming to any conclusion about how beautifulllly ive written this....
I havnt wrritten this...i was juss browsing and i came accross this this for those ppl...who like reading goodn senti stuff....


  1. lol thansk for sharing it!
    I did like it very much!

  2. Hey,I can actually rap this poem - I just did, in my head! Rapper Varun!!! Awesome!! Seriously made my day!!!

  3. Varun : your welcome...i would love to hear you rap on a poem like this...