Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Aal Izz Well actually works.....

I was just moving around the office and i got back on my desk with my worried brain. I so badly wanted to get over what i was going through....Why is it so painfull to accept a No.... :(.....I was feeling really upset for geet and saira....saira geet have been thinking of weird stuff to get over thier depression for a moment staring into my monitor ( which looks like a tv) eeks...(old khatara box.)..gonna get back to my old monitor tomorow. Saw one of my good freinds whose kknowing whats going wid me and around me online and he buzzed me and asked All iz Well??? and i said to my self All iz well.........and ifelt better i was trying to think wat amir khan told in the movie..if you tell ur heart all is going well and bluff to him you will really feel better...and from then on whnever i feel low..i tell myself all iz well...and i feel all my worries are verry lil and i can let go of them i guess you should try it as well bhaiya all iz well.... :)....thanks aamir khan.. :)

Lots of stuff has been happening at my end....last 2 days have been full of happy to know a verry good friend...

Started gyming... :( .....i dont like it..but i have to as iam going fat...i see many ppl writing on weight loosing ...( they surely gimme inspiration )..i was just going through harshita and preeti shenoy's blogs and reading there weight loss formulaes...and felt that i dont think its so impossible...

My boss plans to make me permanent now .aaand iam so happy about it....nothing else can make you feel better than getting permanent in ur org and realising that they are actually in need of you... :)

Power went off and i couldnt complete this post...and now i dont remember what i was feeling that day so here i go leaving it incomplete...apologies...I HATE POWER CUTS... :(

humming the song - i know you wan me you know i wantchya by calle ocho... amazing song...try listening to it.. :)


  1. Good aal izz well is working for you.... :) light aa gayi naa!!!

  2. Hello!

    Firstly Congratulations for getting a permanent job!! This calls for a celebration girl!!
    And ha Karan will regret for sure....
    Take care!!