Sunday, January 31, 2010


The teacher called me in saying...Neeti come in..She announced to the class " you have a new classmate joining in your class today " ..." her name is Neeti kumar and she is a very good artist"...My teacher said to me " i hope you have a good day neeti"......she made me sit beside Divya .... and divya happily smiled and said hie....and the english class started....after the class ended the bell rang and the teacher left....other girls and guyz came around to meet ask where i was from...why did i join this school ( any and every school is bad whn your a kid all thanks to homeworks)...and all gave their names and she could hardly remeber any...and then the math lecture had started and the math mam already knew who i ws all thanks to the staff room gossip which teachers have abt students i dint have to be went on all fine...and then it was the short break period in which all of who got their mini tiffins came around and started was surely a warm welcome by her classmates...she dint have to worry much abt how her classmates would talk to her / would any one make frendzwid her or nt...but it was not that way....they were all so easy to make frendz and loving...
the day passed by and the whole class was friend of neeti ....on the first day itself....while getting back home....(home which was just one km away from school and she had 2 walk back) .....she had her classmate...ujwal accompany her....and they walked back home togther..

The stupid does not save my blog and the whole post goes OFF....eeks..only the part written above was left over ...Gawd writing the whole post with the same kinda feel can be so impossible..i cant do it...

i dot feeli like writing the hwole post again...but i wanted you guyz to read iam writing it again...

Ujwal ..and neeti became great frendz..neeti passed all through divya's help in science and maths in her 10nth..and ujwal had alwayz been a good student...he took up science and neeti took up arts..but they still remained frndz...she continued doing her study in arts where as ujwal (pet name Babooo) still they remained good frendz..they grew up met up evne after having busy schedules thanks to their varied study types...and they both started having new set of frendz..they spoke abt relationships...and brk ups....and grew as closest of frendz togther....Neeti had started to have more than a frend type of a feeling for ujwal but neve tld him coz she had a fear of he not liking her dat way and loosing him....she tought he loved her as a frend....

Neeti had started to look out for job and she got one and ujwal was still in his final year of engineering...sitting for his campus of the big firms was comming over to his college and both neeti and ujwal wanted ujwalto get into neeti was excited for him..
after his rounds of interview in the evening he called up neeti..
saying can we meet up...neeti asked did u get selected...he said again can we meet up in his worried tone... neeti got worried thinking ujwal dint ge selected and he might hav gone into a state of depression for sometime..
he said nutty (neeti's pet name) meet me at the coffe shop near ur place in half an hour..neeti said ok..and also said iam pay for the hot choclatee today...
baoboo : sure neeti.. catch u in half n hour there..
IN the coffee shop..
Neeti.. : intensly looking at baboo and telling him its ok if u dint get thru..there are better places you can try for...anywayz it was a stupid company...they hav no sense of hiring ppl...(in short trying to console him without knowing whether he has got thru or no)
Ujwal. : Nutty for once dont talk and just listen to me..
Nutty : okay baboo..tell me...but dont be upset ..
Ujwal : promise you dont utter a word whn iam talking from now... Neeti wondering whats going on..
Neeti. : just say it fast i cant keep mum for long...
Ujwal : i got thru the company and they want me to join i 2 weeks time
Neeti : what a good surprise.. yippppeee. iiam excited to see u go to work...everyday and get paid and get so many treats frm now on... :)
ujwal : jsut keep quiet and listen to me... But i will have to shift to bombay to join them....
Neeti : what rubbish u mean ur leaving to bombay in 2 weeks ( upset)
Ujwal : i had no other choice you know how ive been wanting to get into this company isnt it
Neeti : oh good news coming along with a bad one is so annoying..
Ujwal.. nutty i will just be a call away from you...we are frendz forever okay...
neeti.. : iam scared...youll be gone..u will have a new set of frendz...youll forget everthing here..
ujwal...why would. i ..
Neeti : (to cheer ujwal up and to not show how upset she was on him leaving coz she was so addicted to him and was going to miss him terribly)so ...your going to bombay soon...whn should we start shopping for you then...iam excited for you...yiipppeyy..
ujwal...: its goin tto be a 3 month training period and then i go on board...
neeti : sipping her hot chocolate...thats nice to know...
Ujwal... : you dont have to hide on being upset with me...cozi am leaving
Neeti : i cant help its better i say nothing ..(with tears in her eyes)..
Ujwal moving by her side and telling her that...Iam gonna miss you terribly...and iam your best frend and i will alwayz be even if i talk about so many women around me...
Neeti...Iam gonna miss you....
SHe hated the fear of loosing baboo....days were passing by and it was almost 2 weeks...all the gift giving and hugging and all happened but neeti could nto share her feelings for ujwal and tell him how much she loved him...and adored him more than a frend...he was leaving and as soon as ujwal got inside the departure terminal....she called him up...saying " i missing you already "....ill miss to see you around..
Ujwal : I hope you get transfered to bombay
Neeti : i hope you get transfered back here..
ujwall.. : iam gonna miss you nutty
Nutty : iam gonna miss you too babooo..

THis post is being written the second time cozi lost out on the one i had written the first time...

so annoying...i jsut wrote it coz i was wndering on how each one of us go through this feeling of the fear of loosing someone...every person has someone or the other in there life let it be mother ...father, sister, frends..anyone...whom they wnt to be away from...coz there scared that someone might replace there position in the other persons life...Neeti went through the same..she was scared...that ujwal would forget her and get a new frend who would mean everything for him and whereas he meant everything for her...
I saw sherlock holmes today..what an amazin movie...expecially coz it has DOwney Junior in it...aaahh...what an actor...superbly acted in the movie...
Muaaah downey junior..
i hate writing posts twice.. :(


  1. Hey nicely written.... you can do better with your editing... waiting for the next part of Nutty and Baboo!! :)

  2. Am a fan of Downey Jr ever since I saw him in "Tropic Thunder" and "Iron Man" :) Waiting for the sequels to come out soon !!!

  3. Hai!!
    Well written gal!!
    Waiting for the next part!!!!
    :~) inb/w its really tough to leave someone whom we love!

  4. Sarkari Babu : ABsolutly....downey jr has done an amazing job as an actor in all too waitin for the sequel to come soon...

    Yemiledu : thnks..i shall soon write the second part of nutty and babboo...and yes its really tough .... ;-)