Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nutty & Baboo Part - II

Nutty wakes up early on a Saturday…being a holiday.. (5 days working is followed by her office you see )…she is lazy and wants to do everything slow…a complete lazy bum…. J… so even after lazying around she gets done with all the tayaar hona and calls up baboo….

Nutty :….baaabbbbooo(screaming)…iam bored lets go for a movie…
Baboo : oh yeah… I bet you’ve forgotten iam here in Bombay..
Nutty : uuuh…oh…I just forgot…I forgot that you wont be available for me whenever I want you to be now…
Baboo… : Nutty…I will soon be back…
Nutty…: Don’t give false hopes..cut it…lets talk smthn else…
Baboo… : so where have you been these 3 days no calls nothing..
Nutty : too much office work going on…too many things to handle as that pachku singh (subri singh her manager J) is not available in office…
Babboo.. : trust me nutty quit that job we shall find you a better place to wrk here in Bombay..
Nutty : no ways am I coming to that city..and haan lagta already hawa laggayi..
Baboo : ha ha …kinda actually..i like it here…the office is really nice…had an introductory session first 2 days..
Nutty : its called “INDUCTION” baboo…
Baboo : whatever.. that’s so much like you nutty..
Nutty : missing me???
Baboo : obviously yes…
Nutty : don’t lie…I called the other day at 10.45 in the evening and you were busy talking to som1 else and dint even bother to call me up after you finished talking to him/her..
Baboo.. : oh I was too sleepy then ..nutty… was talking to shaila…
Nutty : You know iam hating this don’t you…
Baboo…: I surely know that nutty..
Nutty : why do you make me complain about these silly things…am just worried that now I will be ignored..
Baboo.. : listen I just spoke to shaila coz she called me up to tell me she was in Bombay too and she got to know thru mayank(another common frend) that ive shifted here as well..
Nutty : oh looks like that BI**H has followed you there too.. Baboo… : its not like that..
Nutty : stop defending her bey..
Baboo..: NUTTTY…stop acting like a Butty.. .
Nutty : BUUUHHHBOOOOO… (dragged one)
Baboo : lite le..
Nutty : anywayz hows your roomy he friendly,cooperative, southy or northy,
Baboo.. : oh his name is Srinivasan and he is a southy and a simple guy…
Nutty : Oh the shyguy types ??
Baboo : yeah..
Baboo : listen ill call ya up in sometime I don’t have much balance.. okay..
Nutty : do you want me to get you a refill..
Baboo.. : No No thanks…will let ya know.
Nutty : Okay.. will wait for your call ok…so you betta call …you know how violent I can get isn’t it..
Baboo.. : I will soon nutty…
Nutty : Miss ya da..
Baboo : Miss u too..
Nutty : bye
Baboo : Buhbyee

After 5 minutes nutty realizes that she forgot to tell him about her promotion and the new guy her family was looking out for her…So nutty excitedly calls him back thinking will just let him know about the exciting new with which he would get so happy…and excited to know…She calls him comes busy… then she realizes he just said he had no balance.. then after like 10 minutes calls him up again..comes busy again…nutty gets disappointed….calles him up again after 20 minutes…and finds it busy again… And nutty stops trying… and feels enufff trying has happened…

And realizes..that may be she was disturbing him now…


  1. Hmmm nothing happened this time to ur post....grt!! nice one there!!

  2. Iam glad nothing happened...following what you said... :)

  3. What an ending! Awesomwe dear!!
    Loved the conversation and the ending so very much!
    True yaar..guys will always remain insensitive selfish..............whatever!
    I am now looking for the 3rd part!!

  4. Yemiledu : THank you so surely inspire me to write the third part...
    And ya no doubt guyz are INSENSITIVE..i wish i was like em/....