Sunday, February 14, 2010

What a sunday... :)

I woke up at around 10.30 AM and went and opened my cupboard and decided that I will at any cost clean my closet today…coz ive been delaying it for long.. as yesterday itself I took all of my clothes and dumped them back in coz I wanted to sleep.. L…
So I woke up went to my almera and opened it and pulled all the stuff out and decided that I will take shower only after I finish cleaning my cupboard… J
And I did it ( ha ha ..what a relief)…coz my cupboard is a terror..i wish ma was there to handle it … L…

Then at around 1.30 ish I went to take my shower finally and took and nice hot shower and it made me feel so good trust me… everyday I have to rush to college and take fast showers…so basically it was a day I pampered myself…

Then my cousins frend had bought some idli so I hogged that…and then bought Maggie pasta (which turned out to be super YUCK)…I think those guyz are best i
n making maggi noodles and shouldn’t try doing something new…or atleast come to me to test it…eeeh..what a nightmare it turned out for me… L

Hmm…then I went to iron my clothes which are still not completely done ..i still have 15 shirts of mine to be ironed… I don’t like it..its got boring…early part of to-day It was fun..but gradually I got bored of it…coz I cant iron 50 clothes in a day..thats why ma says…roz thode thode kapde iron kar liya kar.. and I don’t listen…and this Is what happens… J-lesson to learn…always listen your amma…

Then after getting bored I went to watch some tv…I saw 2 movies – one was A View from the top which was okay and the other was Definitely, May be…I liked it… (coz it has ryan Reynolds)(wide eyed and smiling me)… the story was cute and what made me smile was that he gets back to Emily…I wish there were men like him… (ginger – stop dreaming)…

Then I hogged in some gajar ka halwa…(which was so yumm and some pav bhaaji..YUM YUM YUM )..i enjoyed it…I want to sing time after time for someone whose worth those lyrics…Ive been humming it all day long.. J
if you're lost you can look--and you will find me time after time if you fall I will catch you--I'll be waiting time after time


  1. Hey nice quote at the end!!
    Keeping the closet room is my nightmare too :~)

  2. Yemiledu- its a song...which is beautifully writte..and i was humming it so thought ill let ya all know...
    i cleaned my cupboard last week and luckily its still neat.. :)

  3. I love the movie 'Definitely, Maybe' :D It's so cute!!

  4. Trust me, nothing feels better than a nice hot water bath (Sometimes, I have it 5 times a day just for the sake of it!)

    You are perfectly right about Maggi - they must stick to their core competencies.

    Amma - always right; Me - mostly wrong; Appa - usually right. Use this mantra, and All will be Well :D

    Ryan Reynolds - Loved him in "Just Friends", "The Proposal" and the TV series "Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place".

    Love stories of friends - not the least bit interested :)

    Cyndi Lauper - I think I heard teh song "True Colors" of hers someday on radio... Great Singer!