Friday, April 16, 2010

Every Women has a Secret…

Dedicated to women especially...
This article is completely based on my assumptions….so this is truly my opinion I don’t know how many of you are going agree to it
Lately iam coming across women who have a very new , different, irregular, so not familiar type of secrets. I am sure each and every women by now has some or the other beautifull, funny, annoying, stupid…..etc..etc…secrets in them…. And these women cannot share it with any one or everyone…those are the secrets which are to be shared with only those special ppl in life …or may be those secrets are kinda better kept to herself..
I being a women myself(so happy about the
fact that iam a women )have so many secrets which I hav
en’t shared with anyone coz ppl might think I am stupid or may be iam dumb..(even though I hardly care about what ppl think…but still…)so I love to keep them with me…coz they are different and rare..and I love my secrets…
Just like me every women has her own secrets. They either keep them to themselves or let them out to their loved ones… Some don’t let it out coz they think when ppl get to know about it…they will laugh at them…or insult them or….think they are dumb or crazy…so they just keep it to themselves…

Every women is special..every women has a feeling and sometimes she just let goes of it….she is someone who will listen to her man’s crap or yeah I agree they also talk some sensible crap sometimes….(crap said by boyfriend , Husband, best friend(male), father, brother, gol gappewala… or even the servants problems at times…) or even for t
he matter of fact get it out of their mouth…Its very hard to get something out of a women’s mouth but very easy from a mans mouth…
Women –let it be how ever they are …long, short, fat, slim, ugly beautifull ….whatever relationship they share with anyone…will always take things as they come quietly and feel the moment…and not say anything to anyone…
All I am trying to say is…. Women are truly special…and each women has a different and an unique liking which somewhere or sometime in her she will not share it with anyone due to any reason… That one secret makes her different from other women..

Here iam sharing on of my major secrets in life….
And I would love it if you guyz share some of yours too..and yes men can also share their comments and secrets..they are always welcome….
One of my major secrets… I love food…I can eat one whole VEG

I love Romantic movies even though I say I love action movies more… (don’t ask me why I do so)
Some which I have picked on women…I really liked them…
Women are always beautiful. ~Ville Valo
Next to the wound, what women make best is the bandage. ~Jules Barbey d'Aurevilly
“A man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears.”
Cheers to women… Share your secrets am waiting to know ppl like me...


  1. SOrry readers...for spelling mistake of Dominos... dont mind huh..

  2. haha! its okay xD
    I have many many secrets but I don't know how to start :P

  3. Then I'll start - Some of my secrets:

    1) I have eaten a whole normal medium NON-VEG PIZZA from Dominos, with Garlic Bread and Choco-lava cake (and this is just for a evening snack) :D

    2) I broke a tooth when I was heavily drunk @ IIM Lucknow, and have never ever become that drunk again (i.e. I have developed a tolerance towards drinks)

    3) People assume that I am a genius, because I know a lot of cool stuff that they don't. The real deal is that I deliberately try to learn stuff that people generally wouldn't want to know - try asking me some common GK questions, and I am sure I will score not more than 60%.

    4) As a kid, when India used to be in a comfortable winning position in a match, I used to shut off my TV and go study. The rationale: India will win anyways,so what is the use of watching? I always loved a good fightback when India is on the verge of losing, and have seen India lose more watches than it has won, just with the expectation of a fightback.

    5) People ask me "Who is my favorite actress?" and my answer always happens to be "Catehrine Zeta-Jones". But the real answer at the back of my head has always been Hillary Swank. Her tomboyish looks and her on-screen performances always drive me crazy (I never mention her as people would first ask me "Who is she?"). Catherine is just a sweetheart who I like watching for her looks, rather than for her acting.

    6) I hate credit cards and pubs that are costly - they are a deadly combination.

    7) As far as women go, I have never ever had a girlfriend (and have never even tried for one) and am actually proud of that fact (Don't ask me why, because even I don't know the answer to that)

    8) I have had a secret crush on a girl for the last 3 years, yet have never had the courage to tell her that, fearing the consequences. Actually, I always fear the consequences of any action, and I am, more often than not, a pessimist (I prefer the term "realist" though).

    9) I might have been abducted by aliens as a kid (There is one indicent which still reels in my head, and it has a very open ending). I am not sure, but it could have been the Hyderabadi heat too :)

    10) As much as I pretend to be the very open-minded and very accommodating types, I am not. However, I have a very high tolerance limit, and hence people seem to believe that I am very open to a lot of things. When I get to the piss-off level, I let people know not to cross their limits, because when I blow, that is some sight to be seen (as rare as a volcanic explosion)

    And this last one is actually pretty funny...

    11) I have always felt like God is playing games with me, on a very personal level. I have always imagined myself as a Football, being kicked around by both Angels and Devils, with God playing the referee. I talk to God almost everyday, and have fights with him too. I think of him as a person, and not a God. And I personally believe that God put me on this planet for a reason (which reminds me, I believe in aliens too).

    Phew... I had a hard time writing this!

  4. Choco lover : please start..dont woorrry about the ending....

    Varun a.k.a Sarkari babu : i like the name sarkari babu...and yes i know ur name is varun and not sarkari babu but i just prefer calling you the Sarkari babu...

    WOw....amazing secrets...this will surely help me know the real you better ...Thanks for writing in...i totallly appreciate...and please keep doing so...coz it helps me write more...and also helps me give you a chance to comment on my posts more ..and know you more... :)