Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It was Saturday night when I was browsing through various channels on t.v. and this time it was DD national which caught my eye… They were playing the movie rubaru copy of the English movie If Only..I had wanted to watch this movie when it had released because mainly it had randeep hooda in it and the movies songs were good but I dint get to see it.
So Saturday was the day when I got all excited to see this movie rubaru.
The cast has randeep hooda and the female is who played the role of arjun rampals wife in rock on. I dotn know her name and iam lazy to search.. It’s a good pairing and both have acted so well. If only is more touching than rubaru is but it is nice..the songs of the movie and the picturisation is so well done..Both have acted well..
One time watch for sure…and yes the people who like soft nice music can like the songs of rubaru..
I wish the movie happened in reality..the locations the hero takes the heroine on that one day are just too beautiful..i would surely tell my guy to take me to those beautifull places.


  1. Chocolate lover : i take it as a compliment

  2. chalo yaar tumhare liye ek aur Boring movie dekh lenge..

  3. Destinyunfolds : itna daya mat karo

  4. The name is Shahana Goswami (Just to ensure you remain lazy, but informed). Well, I didn't see "If Only" as I felt the trailers were too senti in nature... Perhaps someday...