Thursday, March 10, 2011

Those 3 words… it’s a routine that fido and I take time out and talk to eachother in the night. Last night was our longest conversation till date and it was all going on like it does every day. All thanks to the effect of the movie If Only on me that I should do or say what all I want to the people and not keep it myself as you never know what happens to you next.

Deep down somewhere I knew that fido would be taking his own sweet time..but I thought I wanted to tell him…that yes…I know you’re the one I love…..Yes it has never been a tradition that the girls says it first…but fido dint look like he would do so…even though he always wrote in his messages…I knew he wouldn’t say it…I tried to do it on the phone verbally and it was sso soo soo difficult you wont believe…so I had to ask him to hang and text him the same…freak..i know iam such a looser….bt I was feeling shy…(being shy is so not neha) :P….

He then pretended to have not read the message and somehow made me say it…(he surely can get things out of my mouth :P) I like it….After I said those three words “ I love you” …I was blushing…like a red tomato..and then he replied saying the same…that he loved me too…and yes….it was so very special….when you know someone loves and is saying that you….you want to hear it more….just want him to make you feel so special just like no one else does….and Fido was doing it…those 3 words from his mouth made me smile, blush, go crazy, laugh…want to hug him and do what not…but it surely felt like never before…nothing can beat this feeling….its the best feeling to know that someone loves you so much that you can sense it when he says it even after being so apart…

Iam just so happy and feel so good to have him...gawd knows where is he..hasnt called yet…iam missing him…


  1. Nice... Nice... Itna bhi baat mat karo ki neend ud jaaye :P

  2. Its not a tradition for a gurl to say it.... it just the feelings.... i think u did a grt thing... and showed him that u do express ur feeling!! way to go.... have fun.... :)

  3. :)))) Awwww..smiling reading this post :)

  4. Varun :Loving the need ka udna too.. :) :)

    Rohit : Thanks for saying that....Make sure you say your feelings first to ur girl...Its difficult for girls to do it first.. :P

    Preeti : Firstly i should tell you that iam so happy and glad that you visited my blog..
    And iam glad i made you smile....