Thursday, November 3, 2011

Strange Feeling

Everyone around me seems to be hurrying for the wedding but i dont know why i dont understand the need for the rush..the wedding is still 25 days from today...anywayz....i dont know why i cant understand the need to Rush...
I havent been blogging for long..not for many reasons but just one which is "Iam Lazy"...not that i had many things to do..just that i loving the pace at which my life was moving...
I have been missing me when i say i always thought i wouldnt..but this feeling of things not being the same after a making me love her even more....she just doing her best to keep me happy for lifetime.
apart from the feelings that iam going thru as mentioned above iam also going thru this feeling of "like'ism"...i hope there exists a word like that...just happening to like a few ppl...may be i just realised a lil late that they were existing around me and i never realised they were such great ppl..cant believe a person like me who notices so much can unnotice special ppl :P ;P...okay i am just exaggerating....but my friends have been reallly supportive...maybe i just realised that some ppl are worth not forgetting...and they wouldnt even mind if you dont forget them and get on their nerves :P lazyness has sunk in me i shall blog back sooonnn

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