Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Back to Writing

Yes It’s been really long that I’ve written my heart out and back to do it in full swing with good motivation levels…(they are not so good coz I’ve been wanting to write since last three days and I ended up doing it today)…

I wonder why I stopped blogging. Was there too much to write or things not worth writing or another simple reason could be that I am just too lazy.

But yes now with a lot of inspiration am getting back to what I think I do good and can improve on it if I do more often – Writing.

Lots of things have happened off late... if I haven’t mentioned in my earlier post then yes let me tell you the biggest change which has happened – I am Married now :p… I live in a different house, am surrounded with different people; I live in a room with a man J who I think loves me, a different city, etc. etc….too many changes to mention

Who have seen me before marriage and who would meet me now would be shocked to meet me and find me in this avatar….it’s a transformation I have gone thru (not by choice and not even by chance)…I don’t know whether am enjoying it or not coz there is no feeling in it…. But it seems to be going right so I am assuming I like it…

There’s more to come from my end…a post a day is surely what I plan to write. Or maybe two in a day could be possible too (out of too many things that I want to get out of my heart).


  1. Even if its more than posts a day..people here would be happy to read!!!

    Welcome back girl..oops..Woman!!!1


  2. :) :)...thanks sure makes me want to write more