Friday, April 20, 2012

A Want to Explore this New City

It’s been two weeks I moved to Bombay and no it shouldn’t be called Mumbai…and ive just been looking around the place I live…that is to get grocery and walk around a little or just go watch a movie to the nearest mall… But I know this city has a lot more to watch …since my childhood all ive heard “Bombay ki life bohot fast hai”…I think they say so for just a simple reason..this city is huge and it takes hell lot of time go from one place to another….and the fastest means to get to the next place is the trains…so ppl end up rushing for the trains… and so far I haven’t figured out any other reason for ppl to rush..

This is my first weekend in Mumbai…and I am excited to plan it but my lazy husband is not gaming for it…he is the biggest looser when it comes to planning and executing trips let it be to the nearby mall or a weekend getaway or a 15 day trip…

Wonder what makes ppl not explore their surroundings …enough of cribbing and talking bad abt him… ;)

Back to the title of the post….

I stay in Joegshwari where in our flat is located right next to the main road…so lots of noise of the vehicles…day in and day out… I haven’t got a chance to look around much..could be becoz iam busy with work at home or could be that I don’t want to go alone…But with the places ive been to I can say that Bombay is a city full of ppl.. you go to malls, bus stands, railway stations , Hotels, offices, roads every where and anywhere there are loads and loads of ppl creating traffic…

No wonder ppl say “Yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan”

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