Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Palak Paneer & Disappointment

Off late ive been looking forward to cooking something new or the other for PD…Today I made something different than the regular curries…I made palak paneer today. For some it might not be a big deal but for me it was coz of 2 reasons

1. I haven’t cooked it earlier.

2. I cook regular vegetables everyday. This one has paneer so it automatically gets a richer curry.

But yes…my excitement of PD coming home and trying it out soon died after he called me at around 8.30 to say he would be late as he is meeting up with his friends from office… No wonder it is disappointing. And if I tell him anything he would tell me I keep picking faults every now and then…so I have chosen to be quiet and calm today. It’s going to be 10:00 in 10 minutes….and ya I think iam a lil hungry…but I don’t want to eat alone and dose off..would want to try it with PD. I hope he doesn’t eat out and come.

Its unfair on his part to ignore me…but he wouldn’t get it. If I write more ill write about his bad habbits which I don’t want to. Writing bad about your spouse’s represents that your not happy with him/her. Its not that with me I believe that it takes time to adjust and I think I am taking my own time and getting used to his habbits…

But one major difference ive noticed so far after getting married…boy friends are more concerned than husbands are …..its not a generic statement…I say it completely with my experience..and I don’t think it will be the same in your case….your lucky if its not the same in your case…

I hope the palak paneer doesn’t disappoint me as PD has…. a pic of my palak paneer. let me know if anyone wants a recipe..

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