Friday, March 20, 2009

i feeel good and i feel bad tooo....

Guesss what!!!!
My sister dint leave last nite...i knw dats a goood news..for me...
but the bad news is dat she dint leave coz she misplaced ira's passport....(my niece...) dey couldnt go...was awake till 2 searching and yapping wid her and my other 2 cousins...remembring our old dayz...whn we went to set up her house in was so much fuun..going to malls...and shopping eating and sleeping..oh i loved the time whn i was is in schooll...dint hav to eva use my brains..excpt in studies..everyone else would do it...for me..oh!!! how i wish those days come bac...but cant happn...
iam feeling sorrry for my sister...coz she has to go thru a big process...of getting ira a canadian now she stays wid me for almost half a month more...nice fun for me...but a complete distraction....coz i hav my examz strting frm tomrow...
i have the toughest...n d most sickening paper....n d most dreaded one business law...eeeeeeewww.....
My mom left last zaheerabad(i have joint family n my half family lives in a town called zaheerabad n i live here wid the other half in hyderabad) mom stays dere coz she likes it dere...n not here in hyderabad....zaheerabad is juss 100 kms away frm we usuallly go for every festival to Zbd and n ya even on every sunday...i love going to zaheerabad...makes me feel like iam at home dere...Staying in hyderabad makes me feel like iam staying in a hostel..n every time i get a vacation of more den 3 days when iam doing nuthn den i run to zaheerabad...

iam still doing my first time reading of my notes...n i hope that i do my examz well...
i havnt told my sister abt dis blogging thing coz i dont want her to read my blogging...
and woh filhaal lappy ke aas paas hi mandra rahi hai...coz she wants to use the lappy...shes wondering if ive got a boyfrend...coz ive been online for a while now...shakkk ki nazron se mujhe dekhkar smile karri


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  2. haha !! the end made me smile :)
    keep up the smiles on your lovely face too !!
    and how come i did not see you on my page again ?? already got bored ;)

  3. Pretty Me!!
    thnks...the fact that ur following my blog..makes me feel good..and makes me want to write more...
    i did post a comment on ur tagging was damn cutely written..
    i like ur blogs..

  4. Haha ...the last two line made me lol

    shak ki nazroon se Lol :P

  5. I know that shak ki nazar - exactly 3 years ago that is how my mom used to look at me because of me spending time online. But yes, she knew it was not a girl, but it was my addiction to chatting and reading stuff. Nevertheless, the shak was there.

  6. Varun : i love the shak ki nazar only when i kow iam not doing anything wrong...i hate it whn ppl have to doubt on me and i know iam doing something majorly wrong....
    But yes.. i lovethe word SHAK