Saturday, March 14, 2009

welcome... first day at blogging.....

iam new to this..i usually think of creating my own blog..n finallly today ive done it...

juss last year in april i had been to kuwait to visit my sister explained to me wat blogging was...till den u wont believe i had neva had an idea abt blogging....

ive been wanting to write a diary since a long time but den i havent been able to all thnks to my laziness....

iam a 20 year old girl ..stuck in life wid a dream to do an mba frm a reputed college...but i couldnt get thru any of em....unlucky me..i live in a giant joint family.....i hav 2 sisters...the eldest one is whom i love the most in this whole world....and second eldest one is the one i hate the most....(one reason coz shes very mean...not only to me but to every one...)i hav a loving grandfather....who nowadays is not doing welll....i have amazing frends....and some selfish ones momz verry sweet n neva says no to anything....i dont hav a father died whn i was in 2nd standard....according to my sisters n ma....he loved me d most out of all 3 of us.....i miss him way too much...coz i think dere are things which i deserve n i dont get ....juss because i hav to think twice b4 asking smthn....n i cant be ziiddddiiii....(i love being a pig head to my sister....coz she pampers me allot) dose who are doing so mch for us...even though we are not "theirs"....i hope u got wat i mean...i hav 5 grandfathers.....n each one of dem has helped me grow....

iam basicalllly writing this blog to let my heart out .....coz i havnt been able to do it for sister has alwayz been dere for me for everyproblm....and every decision i had to make...but now...she has her own life...her husband...n her daughter ira whose been pooping all the time...frm the time shes come to india...i wish i could do smthn for her...

may be you ppl who are gonna read my blogs can help me out of my problems....gimme ur opinions abt me take decisions...and most imp of all get me out of DEPRESSION........


  1. cheer up gal !! lotsa left to see and let go :)

  2. welcome to the blogging world..!!
    v r here to encourage u...

    keep going! :)

  3. Hey Pretty Gal!

    Don't ever be depressed. :~) It's am awesome world with awesome people in it and there are so many awesome things to do :)

    May you get what all you deserved and ever wanted!
    Happy blogging.It feels good to go through your blog :)
    Keep blogging:)
    Your new friend,

  4. Hmmm... Since you have very few posts (37 in 2 years,and counting),and since I have stopped blogging (for a while), I will read all your posts and alsogive my comments on them :) And yes, never ever fall into depression - because it's like a quagmire - it sucks you in. Try to avoid it as much as you can.

  5. Varun : I try my level best to avoid depression but its following me big time..I hate it