Tuesday, December 29, 2009

for rohit and juhi... :)

Rohit...thanks for reading my blog...feels good that som1 is reading my blog now...i hope you continue reading it ....coz i dont have many ppl reading my blog...so does not make me want to write it.... i hardly have any one reading it ...but in a way writing and letting my heart out feels good coz there are few things i cant talk about to anyone at all...

Juhi....iam uploading a few pics of mine ...check em out and let me know...how iam looking whether the hair cut suits me or not...frendz and boss both of them said it suited me....and i myself like it like crazy ...loads of thanks to chandrakant ( the one who cut my hair ...even though he is not much of a computer person)..i hope u can see me...i could have put up one b4 n after pic but then...iam in office so cant do all this keeda here...

Had a long half n hour talk to my boss cum professor sandeep sir...regarding college...assignments ....work place...new years party..etc. ..etc...he is a goood guy....one of those very few ppl who knows what to say how and at what time.... :).. i think he is great as a bosss...one of the managers...the fun lonving one...( amitesh) is leaving for his hometown for a long holiday...all ppl at office work crazzily i guess except me...but i still want a vacation....i want to go to GOA with frendz.... :(...

Anyways i will get my first pay...(meri pehli kamayi) on this 31st ......and i dont know where to spend what....the stipend is so lil ..that i dont need to think much...out of 4k i wil hide 2k for future use... and i should leave 1k for my montly expenses ...any suggestions what do i do of the other 1k ....your ideas are welcome...will be helpfulll for me to take decisions....
I met nirmala's boy frend sunil....i have met him before but not for so long...that guy is nice...nirmala is a sweet person....i hope all good happns to her.....iam glad i have a frend like her...even though she is 4 years older than me....we share the same level of thinking ...fun..so i was telling u about sunil...he is the guy from her office...and he is not just a guy....he is from ISB...so he is this brainy guy...lol... i want admission in ISB...dilwado na koyi...

:)....I, nirmala and rejina...are going for Raechals wedding which is tomorw..raechal is my PG classmate....Most of my classmates are gonna be there....so it is gonna be real fun ...i will upload some pics for sure...

After reading rohit's blog i realised oh yeah there is something called New Years Resolution as well.....its such a useless thing ...but my first resolution will be....i will Reduce my crazzzily over flowing weight...and work even more harder for my second semester and top this time...aim karne main kya jaata hai.... :)
the time to get back home is comming closer and i need to finish up with my days work....one more hour and iam outta office....
lets see whats in store for me for tomorw.....


  1. Hey ... thank you so much ... i mean this is great ... you dedicating a post on me and my blog ... thank you so much ... fine if Juhi had been here she would have said *Wink *Wink on your pictures. You looking great by the way!! 1k .... hmmm ... go out enjoy yourself ... u work hard ...so you need to party harder~!

    we can talk if you want to make your blog more popular ... just let me know!!

  2. I forgot to mention that dont stop writing ... when u stop writing to stop reading and if you stop reading thats the end of life... there are so many experiences to be shared, moments lived... cant just put it in our head....!! U need to write .... you write very well !! Happy Blogging...

  3. Hai!!
    First time here.Came through Rohit's blog :)
    You look pretty and the hair cut is gr8!!
    It was really nice reading your post :)
    Don't stop writing :)You got one more reader who really loves to read what you write :)

    And with your 1k hmm I do suggest you to buy something... some article that you like and can keep it with you forever as a souvenir.
    Have A Happy New Year~ :)

  4. rohit : Thanks for the compliment...now tht iam back in action in blogging i would surely want to popularise...it..let me know how i can do it... and ya i dont think i want to stop blogging now

    Yemiledu : what does yemiledu mean???? :)...
    Thank you so much archana for the compliment on my hair cut...and iam happy that you like reading my post...i hope ppl get to relate with what iam writing...

    Thanks and a happy new year to my New blog followers... :)

  5. Neha : We can talk... i cant give you the steps i follow here...coz its too long... add me on gtalk. You know where to find me....

  6. Yes. I am going *Wink* *Wink* :D
    Lol !!
    I so hate my hair. Arg!!!!!

  7. will take u to chandrakant ...bet ull start loving it...and dont hate it...or else it will start treating u badly...

  8. Hello Neha!!
    YEs sometimes I do feel the connection and thats what this blogging is all about.
    HEy yemiledu is a telugu word and the meaning find it yourself ;~)
    I have tagged youuuu! and I am waiting for you to post it and tag rohit in turn :)

  9. You started blogging to let out your feelings - so it must not matter to you how many people read your blog, or comment on it. Because, you blog for yourself. And then for others - it is your blog!

    If I had thought about how many people read my blog, I think I would have stopped blogging a long time ago. But I didn't and whenever anyone sees my blog, even my accident, the first compliment I get is "Hey, it looks good!"

    So keep blogging. And ya, I will keep reading. Nothing much for me to do in life anyways.

    BTW, haircut is chakaas...

  10. Varun : stop saying you dont have anything to do in life anywayz...reading will help you like crazy if you feel this way..it will take you away from the reality and u will love it...so keep reading what ever crap you like...

    THanks....for the compliment on the haircut...its almost time i get a new one now..

  11. Arey nothing much to do yani I don't have a clue what to do with life as of now - it's like I have become a Sarkari Babu :D Arey what I like can never be crap - unless ofcourse the person who wroteit considers it crap (I cannot control people, right?)

    Aur ek Haircut? Sahi hain... Chakaas hoga woh bhi..

  12. Hey Neha Just loved your blog!!!!

    You continue writing with the same spirit....
    Words are really powerful && I know many who vent out what they really feel through their writings.

    In btwn wonderful haircut rather it was 3 years ago :-);-)