Wednesday, December 30, 2009

just another ordianary day... was just another bunked college some extra sleep..and went late to office..i reached office like at around 11.00 today... It was bosses lecture i skipped...ha....

Its crazzy how i want to go party tomorow nite...but i guess its not gonna work.. i dont want to comment much on it but i just wish i could....
jiju called up in the morning..hopefully we should go out sometime for lunch or dinners this week..once he gets free with all his work....have loads to tlk to him..regarding carrreeer,shaadi....etc.etc...
dint do anything much in the whole day...proved myself as a confused person to one of my blog followers...who is soon going to plan to quit reading my crazy blog....and i am hopefully going to atleast try to use the tips he has given to make my blog a better one..Thank you so much...
i dint not end up going to raechal's wedding all thanks to commuting problem..and the area in which the wedding is has loads of chaos of telangana and shit like it was safe not to go...but will make sure we give her a nice party once she is bac to college...

My frend called and told me that it was compulsory to attend tomorows guest lecture or else i would be marked absent for the whole damn week....eeeeks..i hate it..i was planning to bunk tomorw as well..but looks like jaana hi padega...i hate waking up early.... :(
sheebu and i had a major fight as usual...and ive decided...dis time iam not going ahead and telling him iam sorry...its been happening for a while now..and i dont see my mistake in i will just sit back and see the tamasha...kitne din baat nahi karega dekhti hun main bhi...
Limitations...boundaries and uncertainities...are such negative words...idont like them,...i wish they never existed... :(

I like the song you and me from pyar impossible...its nice...iam humming it all day long...
:) ....dinner is catch u later....


  1. Hey, I am not quiting to read your blog no matter how crazy stuff you write or talk... everyone's life is the same... confused, complex... but what stands alone is your decision to be so. Think Think...

    Yeah Pyar Impossible ka gana toh bada sahi hai... i like it too... my neighbour was complanining that I was playing the same song again and again....i didnt know they dont have huge speakers and are fully commited to whatever i play.
    Catch up soon dear!!

  2. Hey!!
    Yep. The hairstyle suits you :)
    Even I wanna get some new cut but mum's like only after boards. So, I can't wait for March end. I'm gonna freak out so badly!!! :D But 1st boards :)
    Even I wanna party :( But hard luck!
    I so wanna see Pyar Impossible. :)
    Check out my new post. Take Care!!

  3. Thanks juhi.for the new year starting in the wierdest way possible..

    checked out ur new post ...good going gal...

    10th boards are the last thing ever... i hate to think of em...i had all the chances to flunk..eeeks

  4. Ok, if you have got the feeling "Saala, yeh Varun itna vella hain kya, Sarkari Babu har cheez pe kuch na kuch boltha kyon hain?", I am sorry. But it's hard not to comment when you read somehting that clicks you and makes you feel "Aha! Eh? Grrrr..."

    Limitations, Boundaries and Uncertainities damn negative words. But then look at how pisitv ethey are! Before you say "WTF?" let me ask you one thing - What if the world had no boundaries? What if there were no limitations? Do you think life would be worth living? What keeps you pumping is the fact that you see a limitation, a boundary, an obstacle, and then you think "Oye, aage se hatt, apun paar kar lega tujhe". With nolimitaitons, where is the challenge? Where is the excitement?

    If life was certian, would it be exciting still? Think about it... These negative words reek of positivity too :)

  5. Varun : you sound so optimisitic in this blog.... lol...and yeah life wouldnt have been fun with out those 3 damn words...but it gets bad whn 3 of em come together and go BANg ( ( (

  6. Well I always see the other side of things too, so if you sound down and out,I make the mood positive :) (Ofcourse its a very rare case when I make a happy person mood-off).

    Haan, ek saath aa gaye toh bahut nainsaafi hain. Bahut...