Thursday, December 31, 2009

i love being a pessimist...

Finally iam not going for dinner with sujoy....eeks i hate it... :( i dont want to go anywhere...why does it happn every new years night...i end uup doing drastically what i dont want to be doing...huh... :(...
i dont want to start it this way...i think making plans is what we shouldnt be doing....everything should be unexpected coz thats the only way things can make us feel happy and contended...
Atleast in my case it is so...i alwayz expect somthing and something else happens... i think being a pessimist actuallly helps...

Let all the sad things be boss gave my my stipend (meri pehli kamayi todaY)...bada mazza aaya....iam so is a good feel iam getting to get some money on my own...wont have to ask mom for one whole damn month for money now... :)
What a new years gift isnt it..

anywayz i cant wrte much coz i wanna rush back i have to carry on with the party..

so catch ya later..and verry happpp new year.. :)

HEy this is one of the poems i really and like it..
I didn’t get a chance to say I love you.
You were gone before we got that far.All I know is now I really need you,
Yet when I look for you, you aren’t there.
You said once that you never would forget me,Yet how am I to know without you here?

Such emptiness! Like what I feel within me:
Neither flesh nor tears, just cold thin air.
Sometimes, alone, I feel your arms around me,

And all my need for you spills out in pain.
Jagged memories of you surround me.
I cannot think I won’t see you again.


  1. Hey!!!
    Don't sulk!
    Smile !!!! :D
    Happy New Year!!
    Have a great time. Congrats on your money. I'm broke :(
    You take Care!!
    P.S: Nice poem!
    *New Year HugZz*

  2. thnks juhi...wish you the same...come over to hyderabad...i guess i can treat u like ur older sister and treat u out here...hugs hugs.. :)

  3. In the comment in one of your latest posts, I mentioned that I am a pessimist most of the times, and come to think of it, it does help, atleast helps me.

    How? See this post:

    Well, I mentioned in one lecture of a prof. that "I am critical of everything around me, in order to see the world from a different perspective as compared to the others". Being a pessimist helped me see the world from a whole new angle. And not just emotionally,it also helps spiritually.

  4. Varun : you join the gang of love to be a pessimist from today...